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2010-11-13 17:05:06 by Graph1te

I've just put up some more work, Concept art for a possible Animation I might be working on. Although i hope to be able to post some better versions as these were taken using my phone, as i cant find an A2 scanner.


2010-08-26 07:08:06 by Graph1te

Good news fellow Newgrounders! I have successfully passed my exams and now have more time for NG :) Sadly I did give up on my FIRE flash but for my A-Level Media starter project I have to create a short movie on myself, If I think its up to NG standards i might submit it :)

First attempts.

2010-03-21 16:34:17 by Graph1te

Hello people! I've just started work on my first proper flash. It is a music video for Arthur Brown's FIRE. All ideas are welcome. Also any ideas for art work are welcome. Also also I don't mind doing art work for people - feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do XD